This morning I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with Shawn Rehm, a long time friend, former co-worker of mine, 30-year mechanic, and most recently the American Classic director of custom and specialty wheels.
She agrees that the worldwide buzz regarding 'soft' spokes and wheel tensions is a hot topic.
Gabe is on the money with his concerns, and Rehm agreed that the Hurricane wheels ( the ones built with slightly-elliptical Sapim spokes) are designed to function with a spoke that feels 'soft'
Because of the recent concern for spoke tension, American Classic's engineers and designers are re-visiting the art and science of spoke tension with extensive lab and field testing.
So far, they have determined repeatedly that over-tensioned spokes are a detriment in more ways then were previously noted. While for a long time it was well known that over-tensioned spokes lead to rim and spoke breakage and other failures, it's now evident through their testing that even marginal over-tensioning can lead to rim deflection and warpage even before failure.
The 'tensio' (DT's meter using mm of deflection)) specs on the Hurricane tandem wheels in question are as follows:
front tandem Huirricane with Sapim: .33-.49
rear tandem with Sapim: .33 non drive, .57 drive
If the tandem wheels in question are using other than the Sapim, Shawn said specs are available in line
Let me know if you need more information. We have Wheelsmith and Hozan meters and will source the DT for comparison any time