Vintage / Classic /  Collectible  Bicycles, Frames, Accessories, Components, and Memorabilia
    A real 'Old Spokes Home' and museum!  And it's all available (with a very few sentimental exceptions)
Come See Our Collections!
ANTIQUE Bikes from before the turn of the (19th to 20th) Century 
     1886 New Rapid 53" Original Ordinary 
     1903 Tribune Triplet - featured in Tandem Magazine Gallery 
     1909 Full-Suspension Columbia - real head turner at shows, with pneumatic tires and iron clad wood rims. 
     Track racers with ultra-light wood rims and stick-on singular-tube (tubulars) are near 20 lbs. 
     BSA, FREJUS, DRYSDALE, PARAMOUNT and other Six-Day track racers from the 30's, 40's and 50's are still ready for the boards. 

    World War I and II Era Lightweight Sport Bikes, Racers, and Streamline Balloon Classics are still used for commercials, props, and parade service. 

1960's MUSCLE, PONY, CRUISER, and POLO BIKES like the 
        Schwinn Krates 
        Raleigh Chopper 
        Ross Apollo 
        Murray Aerobee 
        Schwinn Corvette and Panther 
    all remind us of the cars we could hardly afford to buy that would bring back our childhood memories! 

Vintage and classic Racers including   
       MASI            Bruce Gordon 
      Colnago       Behringer 
      Paramount   Frejus 
      Raleigh        Legnano 
      FUJI            BSA 
      Colnago       Jack Taylor 
    and hundreds of Track, Road, Time Trial,Touring, and Tandem frames and bikes from the post-War era. 

Introductory and Early Edition Models of Modern masters 
          Cannondale first year '83 
           Early Specialized 
           Klein, 1978 
           Ritchey '79 

Most are original and somehave never been built or ridden. 

Classic Peripherals:
Clothing and shoes, wool and classic lycra, nylon, cotton and Merkalon (GB) jerseys, shorts, tops, and suits. 
Front pockets, rear pockets, and classic team wear. 

Shoes for Clip/Strap Pedals  
    - For pre-mount and Nail-on cleats 
              Adidas Eddy Merckx, 
              Duegi Wood soles 
              Sidi Titanium 
              Detto Pietro summer and hi-Top 
              Brancale full-leather 
              Rivat Cyclo Cross with spikes 
    - Very Unusual Systems 
              Shoes and pedals 
              Cycle Binding 
              Adidas System 3 
    - Pedal Graveyard 
              Cinelli M-71 
              Shimano Dyna Drive and adapters 
              Mavic virtual pivot 
              Campagnolo Road and Off Road Record Ist edition 
              Campagnolo ergo 
    - Cleats, cleats, and more cleats! 
Pedals, Toe Clips, and Straps 
    Binda, Avocet, Christophe, Ale , Campagnolo 

    Campy Pneumatic air filled - in 5 colors 
    Super Turbo 
    Rolls Goldies 
    Avocet - ALL models R1,2,3, RS Tour 1,2,3 
    Easy Seat 
    Cool gear 'THE Seat' titanium 
    Bummer (yes, we have it) 

Classic Parts:
    Hoops by ARAYA, including Titanium tita-Ace
    MAVIC tubulars  from the superlite 260g OR 7 to the Team Issue SSC Bleue OR 7, 10, Record duMond D'lheure, Monthlery, Route, Argent 10, CX 18, GP4 tubulars wire-ons G40, MA, E-3, Module 3, 32-48 hole
    NISI Mixer, Sludi, rack, and more
    Weinmann Concave, Dimpled, Wood Filled, Schwinn 330's
    Schereen Weltmeister wood filled
    All-Wood tubulars, modern and original
    Fiamme - Track green, Red label, Ergal, Original Yellow label, Clincher
    Super Champion - Gentleman, Arc-en-Ciel, Record Du Monde, Mod 58, and the ultralite 260g Medaille d'Or &.48 hole tandem tubulars

Wheels, for road, touring, and TRACK built on many of our classic hoops with Campy Nuovo, Record C, Tipo, Zues, Superbe, Dura Ace , Shimano AX Direction-6, O.M.A.S., Gipiemme,  Miche, Normandy, Mavic, and Maillard hubs.
     Hubs are available separately, 20 through 48 hole, including Hi-Lo.

Groups and separate pieces including small parts
    Campy parts from all years
        Nuovo, Super, Record C, 180, Century, 980, Gran Sport, Gran Tourismo, Triomphe, Victory, Velox, Valentino, Nuovo Tipo, Croce d'Aune, Record OR, Bullet Shift, Bar Ends, Spoke Protectors, Centaur
    Mafac, Modolo, O.M.A.S., Mavic, Triplex, Gian robert, Excel, Weyless, Bullseye, Hi-E engineering, 

TRACK Goodies
    Spiff up your Courier ride or hit the boards!
         Dura Ace 10
         Tandem track frames and Complete Bikes
         24" Kids Track bikes - over 20 from the Velokid Club Sale

Memorabilia and Collectibles
    Campy Corkscrews
    50th anniversary Groups in cases
    Postage stamp sets
    Signed collector Books
    Commemortive Jerseys , Hats, and clothing
    Die cast model bikes
    Dura Ace 25th nniversary Groups, with Cap and Jersey Bonus