Why are there no prices on this list?
Great question. Because we are quite willing and most able to adjust the component build n any of our bicycles, new or pre-owned, pricing is flexible. if your decision is price based, we're often able to 'de-tune' a bike to meet a lower level of investment.
On many of the bikes, we're asked to upgrade to special parts, adjusting accordingly.
Still others have a few of their own parts and as we 'fill in the blanks' and prices are adjusted as well.
For rants and diatribes on values and pricing, see the 'Missives from Larry' section.
Basically, it's noteworthy that often the difference between a 'get-by' build and a 'wanna have' is often just 'pennies a week' for those that plan to enjoy their beloved bikes for the years, decades, even lifetimes they will serve.
Better bikes last longer, work better, cost less to maintain, have a higher re-sale, and you'll want to ride them more. Hence, the cost per ride for the better bikes can be less than a lower prices bargain.