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Image (Click For Larger Image) ID Bike Type Name Model Size Seat Tube Top Tube Condition Color Comments Sold?
4501 Kids Caboose Trailer New Silver Ages 5 up. Cargo platform, basket available, alloy wheels.Folds for transport and storage
4506 BMX/Freestyle Hyper Mike Spinner Pro Model Excellent Black Steel frame, 48 spoke alloy wheels, pegs, u brake.
4600 Novelty JustGo Uniglo Excellent Red Convertible Unicycle/ Two Wheeler
4427 Kids Redline Conquest 20 0 0 New Red Mini cross/hybrid/road
4476 Mountain F300 13 14 20 SOLD Silver USA, Deore 24 Rapid Fire, very clean like new.Axel Fork, Mavic 139 rims.IRC Mythos XC Tires. SOLD
4572 Mountain Cannondale F200 16 18 21 Original Red 1995 USA 21sp STX RC, Sun USA rims, Rock Sho
4567 Folding Bike Friday Tikit 16in wheel Medium/Large New Cream Soda Blue Fully Loaded. Cable fast fold, fenders, bonnet cover, 8 speed Microshift, incredibell twist bell, folding pedals, carry bag
4407 Trike Greenspeed GTO 16 16in wheels 0 0 Excellent Yellow S&S coupler take apart , Australian Made, 48 speed SRAM dual drive
4428 Folding Audi Shita 16in wheels 0 0 New White, Red or Black Disc Brakes, Very compact, fast fold, fits into Audi and other cars
4458 City Commuter Liotto Urban 17 17 21 Excellent Brown and Silver Light Alloy frame, fully loaded, generator lighting system. 6 speed Shimano derailleur
4480 Mountain Trek Pro Issue OCLV 18 18 22 Original Natural Carbon USA c.1998, XT/(XTR?)24 sp rapid fire plus, XTR/Mustang ceramic wheels. SID dual air alloy fork.
4548 Mountain Klein Attitude Race 18 18 23 New Black USA Wisconsin. Gradient Precision Aluminum. ManitoU SX. LX 27 Rapid Fire, XTR rear, Avid 2.0, Bobtrager Race rims. Michelin 1.5 tires.
4446 Mountain Bridgestone MB-6 Trailblazer 18 18 22 Original Black Museum Grade full original survivor. Tange double butted Moly tubing, Araya Rims, SunTour 21 Accushift
4447 Mountain Trek 850 18 18 21 Original Black and Purple dapple Pampered Time capsule,90's survivor.almost no use 21 speed STX Rapid Fire plus
4466 Mountain Schwinn Mirada 19 19 22 Original Teal Early 80's, clean original almost unridden. ChroMoly, 15 speed Shinano Light Action.
4509 Mountain Salsa Ala Carte 19 19 21 Excellent Red Reynolds 853 air hardened team tubing. XT 27 speed. Avid disc upgrade. Mavic 317 rims / XT WHEELS repairable cosmetic ding on downtime
4438 UprightLtwt classic1/3/5/10 Shogun 500 Lady 19 mixte 19 21 Original Burgundy Japan, c.1983, croMoly Lugged, pinstripes,Deore deer triple crank 18 speed. Upright bar conversion, original racing bars available.
4456 Mountain Trek Fuel 70 19.5 19.5 24 SOLD Black Alpha Super light aluminum. Rocker Link suspension Rock Shox BAR, J2 front,SRAM SX5 24 speed, Thomson post and stem. Currently converted to right hand controls. SOLD
4478 Mountain Performance M405 20 20 22.5 Original Grey 90s Classic, double butted 7005 aluminum, Al fork, WeinmannUSA BCX rims, Kevlar head tires, STX Rapid 21, tires saddle.
4469 Trike Catrike Road 20 in 0 0 Excellent Red USA Made, Rigid seat, Ultegra crank, Schwalbe tires, 27 speedX7
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