For Immediate Release
July 6 2007

Under a bright sunny sky with a mild breeze out of the north, the Mt Airy Bicycles men's tandem team crossed the line for a silver medal in the USA Cycling 2007 National championships.  The event was for the age 110 years combined with Larry Black as captain and Steve  Ruckert as stoker, the team completed the tricky and challenging 24km course in just over 36 minutes. The legendary top ranked Chip  Berezny and teammate Andy Buck captured the gold by a margin of four minutes.  In his first tandem race since 2000, Black is pleased with the results, especially since he has trained less than a quarter century, 25 miles, for the tandem race.   "Well, I guess you might say that my wife helped quite a bit during the riding we did on the Santana Tandem rallies this past spring."  Said Black, who turned 57 a few weeks ago, "Linda and I volunteered to help out as hostess and mechanic support for the rallies, and the attendees were so good we had some time to go on the rides. Linda had good reason to take it easy- it got me in better shape!"

"Its quite a change going from tandem provider to racer" remarked the still-recovering owner of Mt Airy Bicycles - one of the worlds largest tandem dealers and the place that has helped supply championship and medal-winning tandems to athletes for many years. Black was inspired by two such athletes- the NCVC team of Ron Sutherland and Bernie Sanders- who have been borrowing tandems that have won them gold and silver medals and stars and stripes jerseys on several occasions. "It was very sad to see my friends Ron and Bernie suffer a puncture at this year's event" said Mr. Black in a sobering tone "they had a great chance for another pair of jerseys and I hope they do well in the road race Monday. Mt Airy hopes to use the successful run to help grow their tandem race team for future events.  Anyone with an interest in tandemming is invited to join the hundreds of delightful teams in the Mid Atlantic area for any or many of their dozens of rides each season.  Please visit and for info.