For the selection of Trikes, the Mt Airy location is for you.
We have a dedicated course with no traffic and a road course with almost none.

Parking, access, and a quiet rural setting ensure your test ride experience will be most favorable

Too far to go for pickup or follow up service?
Don't worry.
Your machine can be delivered to the College Park shop, and in many cases delivered to your home or office.

Follow up service is available at College Park and on all bikes and trikes bought from us, you're guaranteed rush service, most of the time same-day, no matter how busy, though we do suggest emailing or phoning ahead for a scheduled

Please check out our trike 'section' in our  'big list' 
this includes many new, pre-owned, and special opportunities
Below are in addition to the current 'new and more current' availability
Things change frequently, and most  is in our heads anyway


Caution- these are NOT Toys!
 (OK, have it your way- go out and play!)

We've got one of the largest varieties of 'Adult' Trikes in the world.
Need an excuse? Try one of these:

Speed: while few have had one 'wide open' some of our low, lean trikes are not your granny's machine

Balance and Special Needs: Our Trikes are perfect for those with limitations, balance issues, other challenges,  in transition or recovery. With recent certification from attending the Adaptive Special Needs workshop in Germany, we're equipped to help with a variety of special devices and upfits for an assortment of needs. There are hand-crank models available as well, and one model allows linking two trikes to form a 'five -wheeler for two.
Because the newer Trikes are considered cool and mainstream, the old-fashioned notion by some that trikes are just for seniors is, well, old fashioned. The seniors on our staff love triking.

Transportation: Trikes can get you there safely, in style, and haul huge loads on-board or in special trailers. Lots of stops and starts? Trikes allow you to stay in your seat, catch up on phone calls, and take notes.

Fun and Recreation: The perfect answer to any first or second childhood or mid or even late-life crisis. Remember the Go-Kart at the amusement park or your wilder friends swerving their sports car in the parking lot?
That's part of the Trike experience. One of our most avid trikist exercises herself and her stable of 'girl's best friend'.
We've got great trikes to fit kids from 5 years and there's no limit on the other side. There's even a kid's 'trets' trike that can tow behind your own trike or bike and the kids have their own controls.
Caution- be prepared to answer lots of questions and get hooked into chatting as you go triking wherever there are people.
Those who prefer to ride on just say - "It's a blast!



Trice Trikes




Trident Stowaway

Mt. Airy Bikes has just received the first of the new Catrike 700 recumbent trikes. The Catrike 700 features a 700c rear wheel for improved speed and stability. The trike is available now for test rides so call Zach or John or just stop by.


Scorpion trikes from HP velotechnic