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For the selection of Tandems, the Mt Airy location is for you.
We have a dedicated course with no traffic and a road course with almost none.

Parking, access, and a quiet rural setting ensure your test ride experience will be most favorable

Too far to go for pickup or follow up service?
Don't worry.
Your machine can be delivered to the College Park shop, and in many cases delivered to your home or office.

Follow up service is available at College Park and on all bikes and trikes bought from us, you're guaranteed rush service, most of the time same-day, no matter how busy, though we do suggest emailing or phoning ahead for a scheduled appointment.

In stock
The new Helios from Circe of England

 Hase Pino

The Pino is not just a unique bicycle, it is a machine that allows two people to participate in a great healthy outdoor activity and enjoy their surroundings while having their heads so close they san whisper if they want.

Unlike the 'conventional' tandems that have the stoker's head literally buried on the captain's back(side), the all-round view for both riders is a blessing. The rear rider steers the Pino and has all the control elements on the rear handlebar. The front rider can have the choice of pedaling or coasting - or the Pino can be set up so that there is no independent coasting.

The front seat can be used for cargo and support well over 100lb of goods. The tandem can serve as a 'taxi', and deliver passengers and come home as a solo.

We carry the standard cromoly version as well as the sporty super light weight titanium with special touring titanium seat.

Linda and Larry have taken theirs all over the world and toured in Arizona, down the Mississippi to New Orleans, across Germany, Majorca, and all over the Mid Atlantic. This summer the family will take one down the Danube twice - once with Larry and Linda and again with Larry and son David while they help with the Santana tandem rally


Traveling with a Tandem

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Larry riding a Buddy Bike.  He needs a friend and a helmet. 

What Are Tandems?  Is Tandeming for Me?  

We Carry:


Tandems are bicycles made for TWO people.  DOUBLE  your fun!  For more information on tandems and tandeming, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
We Offer Tandems From:
Bilenky, Santana, Burley, GreenGear, KHS, Cannondale, CoMotion, Trek, Ibis, and DaVinci Designs.

Because of the friendly,  extensive test riding opportunities, low traffic rolling rural roads, the ease of parking, and shady lawn with chairs,  the vast majority of Tandems, Trikes, Recumbents, and special Needs bikes are in Mt airy.  After you make a selection, you can have the fitting, delivery, and complimentary after-care performed at either College Park or Mt Airy.

Note: for updated listings on pre-owned and special tandems, please see our Used Bike list
As Tandem Specialists, We:
  • Usually have about 100 in stock from every major domestic maker. 
  • Offer racing, recumbent, touring, track, kidback, folding, & novelty models. 
  • Rent and trade tandems. 
  • Sell tandems used, new, and on consignment. 
  • Have all the popular tandem accessories and components. 
  • Provide prompt mail orders.
  • Offer long rural test rides, like for our recumbents.
  • Offer frame refinishing, modification, and repair.
  • Offer one day custom wheel building. 
  • Have triplets, quads in stock as well. 
  • Have antique tandems that go back to the turn of the century! 

Contact Us!
Call our order line at 1-888-MY-TANDEM for sales, information, and expert advice! 
   Are you trying to decide between 26 inch and 700C wheel sized new tandems? Here are some thoughts on the merits of each fromBill McCready from Santana
By the way, did you know...
Our own sub-27lb Calfee TetraTetra captured numerous medals since the '99 Natonal championships. It is for sale and available for test rides. See just how fast a two-seater can go!