Our Repair service operates Monday through Friday and most repairs are same-day or while you wait.
Before Bringing in Repairs we ask you to do the following:
  1. Air up the tires (give it a try, even if you think it won't hold air, miracles happen.)
  2. Remove as much dirt as possible. The less that comes into the shop, the better job we can do on your bike and others as well.
  3. Attach a small card or paper with your NAME, CONTACT INFO, TYPE of BIKE, and NEEDED WORK or SYMPTOMS
  4. Remove accessories that don't require tools: Water bottle, computer head, pump, bag, baby seat......
  5. Give us a call and see when the best time would be to come.
These guidelines help us get your bikes done better , faster, and with lower cost.
Same-Day service can save you valuable time and a possible second trip, and can keep your bike down time to a minimum.
  Many Thanks from the Service Department!!