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BikeFriday Tikit

The tikit is in the shop in several versions - from the simplest one speed through the 'Speeding Tikit- - a faster, lighter machine with wide-range gearing Tikit-taking test rides and fast-fold demos will be available at our open house and we will have an assortment at the DC Bike Summit in March.  We'll be demonstrating the folding and unfolding on the escalators around local stations to bewildered bystanders in the coming months.

Bike Friday's new inter-model commuter, named the /tikit/, is ready for distribution world wide. Bike Friday is committed to building a better tomorrow by offering individual solutions for transportation and personal independence from oil. With a mission to put more people on bikes, fewer cars and a clean and healthy future for all. After a busy weekend of final planning that included Kai Fuchs, Bike Friday Germany dealer; Larry Black, owner/BF aficionado from  Mt. Airy Bicycles and Michael McGettigan, owner/BF dealer of Trophy Bike in Philadelphia - the finished product is ready to go.

Lift, Swish, Click and GO! The /tikit /is ready to ride! "A convenient solution to an inconvenient truth."

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AEGIS has been making full carbon bicycle frames longer than anyone else in the world.  Our engineers created the first full carbon frame using our patented bladder mold construction method in 1986 and soon began making frames for companies such as Trek, Basso, Profile and several other European brands.  In 1993, AEGIS began making frames under it's own name, and today, 20 years later, AEGIS remains a proud Made in the USA company.  All AEGIS frames are designed, tested and handcrafted by our skilled people in Van Buren, Maine.  AEGIS is a small family owned company dedicated to flawless design and function as well as personalized service.  We build each frame as if it were our own, with the goal of making the fastest, most comfortable, and most durable carbon bicycle frames on the planet.  AEGIS frames are beautiful to behold and offer a ride quality better than any other carbon fiber frame made today - people who ride AEGIS know the difference. 


Santana Beyond

In development since 2002, the Beyond's IsoGrid frame is 15-40% lighter than previous tandem frames built from carbon, titanium or aluminum. It also establishes new standards for stiffness and comfort. Now with Perfect-10 Shifting.

Comparison weight: 29 lbs 9 ozs
Enhanced specifications include:
  • IsoGrid double-butted carbon tubing with co-molded titanium ends
  • Optional Reynolds all-carbon Ouzo Pro Tandem fork with Dura Ace caliper brake
  • FSA splined Carbon Pro Team Issue crankarms
  • Reduced-weight headset and tires
  • Titanium QR skewers
  • Terry titanium railed saddles
  • Optional Formula rear disc brake is a no-charge substitution

    Bamboo Shooting up in Maryland!!
    College Park Bicycles is the proud new farm for the Calfee Bamboo Bike - come in and see what all the
    buzz is about. Woodwind players will be frisked for 'sharp' 'instruments' at the door. Larry has already considered how many sax reeds one could harvest from the top tube.
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    Paketa Magnesium tandem frame 6.3lb with fork and headset
    This Just in ! IRD/Interloc and SOMA extra-light road bikes in
    EXTRA SMALL and SMALL sizes.
    Featherweights down to 17lb and sizes down to 44cm!
    Prices starting under $995
    Brompton Folding Bikes.  Just in, the entire spectrum of 2009 Bromptons
    Calfee bamboo singles and tandems are here
    WizWheelz - Exceptional Human Powered Vehicles
    the un-Saddle Ergonomic High Performance Bike Seat System

    Longbike Slipstream, Eliminator Rans Stratus & Stratus xp Volae