Among our vast collection and assortment, here are just a few. Because we realize that your best performance depends of having your machine just right, we are able and willing to modify or exchange whatever it takes to make the bikes your way- before or even after you take delivery. We can even fill in the blanks with your wheels, seat, pedals, and even offer any of our bikes as a frameset alone that you or we can build to your needs or budgetary limitations.
Because of this flexibility. prices can fluctuate, so please don't hesitate to inquire about costs.


Bike 1301

Cannondale R1000 Aero

Bike 1302

Lightspeed Tachyon

Bike 1303

Cannondale Multisport 800

Bike 1304

Cannondale Multisport 1000

Dozens of styles, Molded and custom-spoked, 24,26, and 700c tubular and wire-on. Same-day spoking and repair
Dozens of tubulars, 24,26 and 700c
Aero Bars, Bar-end brake and shift systems. ROAD GRIP SHIFTS
Forward seatposts.
Drinking systems