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Mt Airy Bicycles
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Have you noticed that you have not been getting emails from us? Though we only send out three or four per year our email list was trashed.  Emails are usually about events, we have yet to send out any sales pitches or coupons, though we gladly accept anyone else's coupons for products or services.
If you wish to be placed on our email list, please send an email to.
Test rides: Because we have a smaller, focused professional staff and a smaller space than many shops, we suggest emailing or calling before visiting to test ride, especially in the off season,  inclement weather, or for trikes, tandems, recumbents, and used
Mt Airy will be closed for inventory Wednesday January 23
weather notice reminder
please check with us before visiting during snow and icy conditions especially Mt Airy where local conditions are all their own.
Bike123 YouTube Channel


Don't let snow stop you - come check out all our fat bikes
also great for mud, mulch, sand, moon, and Mars"


New Year Day 2019 Ride Photos.

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Not Just another Flat Pedal

If you already own a pair of these pedals, click here for a chance to get a second pair

but a whole new way to pedal.
We have a growing pile of assorted flat and clipless pedals
on display recently traded in for these.
We've sold more of these than any other shop
$109.99, have a 30 day use 'em or return 'em guarantee


Now available for Catalyst pedals: custom adjustable safety heel slings for Trike and Recumbent riders
$35 includes installation in about an hour 
available at both shops, they have been making feet, legs, and entire bodies very happy.

Ask about or other grippy, low profile platform pedals.
those with small budgets or smaller feet might not need the extra length the Catalyst offers.Prices start at $29.
Available in Black, Grey, Red, or Blue
Think you're pulling up when you pedal?
See chapter One in Grant Peterson's best selling book
JUST RIDE!. Available at better bike shops (like ours) and book stores (remember those?)

When you visit, let us show you how we have been helping hundreds reduce and eliminate hand pain, tingling arms, and other aches without going recumbent.

more information
Flat Pedals article

Checking in with more info


Here is a small portion of the pedals people have thrown into our barrels.


We will be giving the shoes to charities like Soles for Souls and others that go to the thousands and thousands of kids around the world living in garbage dumps and landfills with bare feet.
If you’re still getting by with these kinds of pedals please come see us - we are letting them go for very little.

They're FRONT!
Yes, Front Pockets
not just for recumbents or trikes 
but Anyone who doesn't like reaching back!
Phone, Food, Wallet, Inner Tube, 
toothbrush, make-up, and more
Handy and Dandy
Available in 3 Maryland Patterns
Long and Short Sleeve
from Hill Killer of Baltimore
limited quantity- 
this was a trial custom order

also available:
traditional Front-pocket solid colors
 from Kucharik of California


Do you like flat tires as little as we do??
please watch
and make your last flat your last flat
we offer same-day installation in Mt Airy most weekdays
Please email or phone ahead to make sure we have your size




TerraTrike Recalls Adult Tricycles Due to Crash Hazard


Say no to bike tariffs


We did it for the LOWER you,
now let's fix the UPPER you!
Do you suffer from 
Pain, Numbness, and Tingling 
in the hands, wrists, arms, and neck?

Let us show you what leading 
coaches and medical professionals call
"Wrist Neutral" in the boat paddling and bike worlds.
For years we have been 
helping people overcome the pains that wide straight bars cause. We have been converting to sweep back bars like bikes have used for over a century until some marketeer decided bikes should look like racing flat track motorcycles.
Bars got too straight and too wide. 'Spoon, (or paddle)' shaped grips are a small Band Aid. In between a grip change and a bar swap is the TOGS that we can install in minutes.
If you ride a flat straight bar, or one with a slight sweep, try this: Move your thumb over the top of the bar, eliminating the wrist wrinkle. You should feel relief.
 Just as we've helped hundreds of people overcome
  foot, knee, and leg maladies with the Catalyst pedals
now it's time work on your top end.
Check this out and watch the videos:



British Race Across America team finds respite in Mount Airy

Bike123 YouTube Channel

Earth Day Expo & Bike Ride - Episode 11

Taping a road bike handlebar - Episode 10

E-Bike electric trike kit - Episode 9


' every day is earth day'

You Like those Kids and Grandkids of Yours?
How much? 
a Frog Kids Bike will show them How much! Frogs are proportional, light,  engineered for those that care. Straight from England Reserve yours soon they will start arriving in March
and the first batch will include some promotional incentives for our Frog ambassadors and their parents and Grandparents Check 'em out on the Frog www now.


Mt Airy Bicycles' 24th Annual
"I've Ridden Every Day This Year!" Ride

Newspaper article...

Team Hartman: Frank Hartman wanted to ride in a benefit for ALS this month, but couldn’t. Enter Team Hartman, which raised $10,000.

“A Final Ride for Frank Hartman”

With help of bike shop owner, man with ALS will make his final ride


Bicyclist to ride 1,500 miles to promote engaged fatherhood.

They just stopped by
And said we were the most interesting people and interesting shop on the trip
Gave us a signed jersey, book, medal, and food!


Thanks to all who came to see us and try bikes and trikes at the Abilities Expo.

Now on display at both shops
Affordable Bamboo Bikes

more information...

Jan 1, 2016
I have ridden every day this year.

Watch the Carroll County Times video
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now in! taking orders now
samples in shop, must see to believe
 free delivery to your door
Watch the video...
Our best FATBIKE opportunity ever!
Only 4 available
1 of each size

The $1480 ORIGIN8 Crawler
NOW $999!!



Cycling Sports Group Recalls Cannondale Mountain Bicycles
Due to Fall Hazard


"Recumbent biking- for those that prefer comfort and view to pain!"
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Trek recall
bicycle with disc brakes

Car Free Calculator...

Introducing the Catrike 5.5.9

more info...

Video of New Year's Day ride

Cyclocross season is HERE, NOW

We have dozens of classic and contemporary

Big 'Cross names like LaPierre, Redline, Fuji, Cannondale, Trek, and many more.

New and Pre-loved.

to see a sampling 
of some of our 'Cross Bikes
Now in!
One of a few 
Bike Friday Haul-a-Day
 portable suitcase-size cargos on the planet.
Come check it out
Bring your heaviest,
bulkiest loads!
You CAN take it with you!!




Ask about quantity pricing

My bike makes noises. Please fix it!
click here...

Available NOW: Bike Friday Silk
The 2014 Silk Infinity brings the smooth, quiet and clean combination of Gates Carbon Belt Drive technology with a NuVinci 360N Continuous Variable Transmission Internal Hub.

Thanks, Mr. Larry for shipping the Wee Hoo to my daddy.


Coombe's new Millennium II pedals are now shipping. Contact us for more info

Hand Made Bicycle Show -2014

Do you or the person on your gift list have a
Diamond in the Rough?
Let us Refurbish, Detail, even RePaint
any bike - we've had dozens of customers
this season opt out of getting a new bikes in favor of fixing up one they already have, or getting one of our thousands of guaranteed, tuned-up pre-loved bikes.
We've been swapping to more comfortable handlebars, saddles, installing easier gearing, and even doing major facelifts to the point that the ol' machine is hardly recognizable.
People are amazed and delighted.
Depending on our scheduling, we can have you ready from a couple hours to a couple days.
It's now even easier to ride to College Park Bicycles' new location!
Brand new bike friendly pavement all through our neighborhood and as the photo shows ,motorists are cautioned that the crowds are going to have bikes!
No this is not a doctored photo!


Virtual Tour of Mt Airy...

CycloCross and Touring Seasons are here

Because we can outfit any 'cross' bike as a tourer or tourer for 'cross', you get two bikes and two seasons for the price of one-and if you're a commuter, make that three.

We've come a very long way since Larry captured a gold medal in the senior mens' Maryland/Delaware district championships* .
We're loaded with dozens of new and lovingly pre-muddied bikes from Bianchi, Cannondale, Fuji, Redline, Specialized, Trek, and more. From basic entry models to our 16 lb pro team flagship- the Carbon frame/carbon wheel Fuji Altamira CX 1.1 with SRAM Red XXII hydraulic discs.

If you need more than the typical parking lot test ride that many places give, we have bikes for rent that you can take to the course- and of course, your rental applies to purchases.

*a long way- total field was three!

16lb Altamira CX 1.1 Full Carbon/SRAM Hydraulic XXII

USA made Bike Friday Folding Bike
For $798 ....
Limited quantities. In stock starting November 7

The Kickr Power Trainer is on display at Mt Airy and College Park

Fix it Sticks are now available
Stop by and try them out
More info...

Edgar Lofton, Falls Church
86 years young
Enjoying his Trike with his best friend!

Larry in a high wheel bicycle race

photo by Robert Bass

Help TerraTrike get a free ad during the Super Bowl
Click here and vote.

ByCue is now Q-caddy $7.99
Save 2/$15 Shipping $3.00 any amount
The Q-Caddy® easily snaps on and off and is positioned forward in front of the handlebar. This forward position puts the cue-sheet or map more in your line of sight for quicker and easier viewing.  Additionally, since the Q-Caddy® is positioned in front of the handlebar, the rider will not hit his/her knees on the device when riding out of the saddle.




Here is a picture of Margaret riding her new trike in the neighborhood 4th of July parade.

Laurel Black gets back on a bike. She visits Via Bicycle and gets treated like Royalty by Curtis Anthony. 
At 16 she pulled the typical knee-jerk away from the sport because Larry and Linda were, well, 'Bike People' and there was too much immersion.

Laurel's famous quote as a toddler was "bike rides are where you see more people in Lycra that shouldn't be!"
After Visiting Via in Filly this spring, she said "wow, it's as crowded and messy as our house!!" 


Trek Bicycles - Some interesting links

No problem with a FATBACK
We'll have 'em ready to ride in late October

Celebrity character impersonator not included.
Any resemblance purely coincidental
November 2012
With Bob Roll


Mt Airy and College Park Bicycles were named Top 10 of all sellers worldwide by TerraTrike.  They also have the distinction of being the longest running dealer for TerraTrike.

Miracle Shifters
Missives from Larry
click here...

Bike Friday tikit stem SAFETY WARNING:
Stop riding your tikit immediately

Bike Friday: tikit stem update 6 replacement process, details...

This is an interesting tandem and they are shipping this fall
We are now accepting advance orders





In stock
The new Helios from Circe of England

Cannondale's David Campbell at the finish of "L'Eroica " in Italy
October 7, 2012
Congratulations to Cannondale corporation's own David Campbell and wife Rebecca Sellet for her help in finishing L'Eroica 2012 in Italy. Dave and Larry go back decades, not only as retro bike aficionados, but as supplier and retailer. College Park Bicycles was there on Day one in 1982 when Cannondale announced their 'Aluminum Advantage' bikes.Larry goes back to '72 selling outdoor clothing, tents, and bike bags, at The Bike Pedalers, an old shop where he worked since 1965. Because of other volunteer assignments having come up, Larry had to abandon hopes of attending L'Eroica this year, but helped supply David and his wife with classic 60's and 70's bikes for the event. We are looking forward to a debriefing and more reports and photos from David and Rebecca! Great Job David and Rebecca!

New Product
It's a charger that uses the kinetic energy from walking (or biking, running, etc.) to recharge hand-held devices.  We are the only retail store in the country with them.  And it's made in Ohio!  "Made in the USA"

Appalachian Trail hiker's review:  "...after using it I’d even trade out a day’s food if I had to just to be able to have it along. The thing is magical. Just knowing I have unlimited power “in my pocket” ... gives me a sense of security on the trail."


SRSUNTOUR Safety Recall



We have the passport in very limited quantities. Samples on display at both shops
More info...

18th Annual "I've Ridden Every Day This Year!" Ride
Click here

Thanks to all who attended the biggest 'every day' ride in 21 years.

Trike of the Year as posted on "Bent Rider Online". Available at Mt. Airy Bicycles

Catrike Villager - Catrike’s Villager underwent a major redesign. The most noticeable change was the adjustable seat angle. Catrike has resisted this change for several years. Their trikes have always been known for the stiffness provided by their unique space frame and the company was hesitant to sacrifice that. Well, they finally figured out how to have their cake and eat it to. The new Villager feels every bit as stiff as the old one and only weighs half a pound more. The adjustment mechanism itself is a joy to use and is the new benchmark for others to measure up to.

available for try or buy at either shop

Redline cyclocross bikes

Cooler Fall temperatures traditionally bring scores of adventurous cyclists to the woods of the Mid-Atlantic to ride and race what we know as cyclocross. But Cyclocross is not just for racers. These modified drop-bar road bikes are perfect for bicycle trail and canal riding not to mention commuting and general comfort cycling. Mt. Airy BIkes has a great selection of 'cross bikes from Redline, Trek, and more. Come in and check out the new Redline Conquest Carbon Pro. At just 19 pounds it is sure to make you riding an experience that will bring a smile to your face. Whisper the secret phrase "When the cat is away, the mice will play" and receive special friends and family pricing on this amazing bicycle. Purchase the Father & Son Redline cyclocross package and receive a Flat Pack Service Kit mounted on Dad's bike for free.

According to Wikipedia ...

Wierd Bikes video

Just in from the U.K.

This and other fine Pashleys

Batavus bikes from the Netherlands are available at Mt Airy.
More info on Batavus bikes...

New bike carriers from


Check our new arrivals at College Park Bicycles

Thanks to the wonderful Time Station 52 staff and all of the visitors

Congratulations to Larry Black
He was honored as the Volunteer of the Year by the MS Society of Maryland

Shelbi Bernstein, Maryland MS director shown handing Larry the Bob Bennett memorial award at the Chesapeake Challenge in Chestertown, Md. June 11

Larry's been in charge of Tech Support for almost 15 years and wishes to thank all those that volunteer and participate to help fight MS and for their support of  cycling.
I am riding our Hase Pino tandem bike with my son with special needs. This is the perfect bike! We can ride long distances, do hills, keep up with others on regular road bikes. Wish I had found this 10 years ago!


Nicholis, of Warrenton, VA sizes up his new Catrike Dash. This is Nicholis’s first “bike”.

20 Years

Finally Arrived - Our favorite tail light!
Super Bright - Full side visibility
Economical, long run time. USB chargingMulti-mount
Great Day or night. Be safe, Be REALLY seen and best of all...
It's made in the USA, ...the whole thing!!
Come in and try it out.
Available at either shop or via mail or UPS

Add electric power to your bicycle.
 is an innovative solution for every frame and bicycle. 
Proven technology for commuting.


Don't Be Afraid of (riding in) the Dark
 We have the lights for you, Featuring the USA-Made Light and Motion.
 Yes, the whole thing is USA made, not just assembled here,  even the bulb is domestic!
Come check 'em out, there is Nothing Else Like Them

Richard on his new "Terra" Dactyl recumbent trike.  

The comfy, high-seated TerraTrike Rover 

with a custom fitted (by Mt Airy Bicycle) Cargo Monster

extending the back end and featuring a Nuvinci 360 CVT Transmission Hub 

Yes, you CAN take it (ALL) with you, be Comfortable, and have a blast!


As part of our efforts to "keep it at home" 
we're always on the lookout for Made in USA.  Here are some great links:
they and we welcome your suggestions
Though many of our manufacturers have gone 'global' 
we still have THOUSANDS  of great, clean, new, and pre-loved bikes made right here in the US of A


Check out The Dream Bike

Great Opportunity
to help one of our favorite people
and a long time inspiration. Jim 'Parky" Wetherell
has helped many other Parkinsons patients Now Parky must part with his lovely Trice
 '09 ICE-T -  rear suspension - ICE rear rack, Zipper  fairing, headrest.  Entire Drive Train NEW. Shimano Bar-end shifters,  Eggbeater pedals, dual parking brakes. Wireless computer, Schwalbe Kojak tires (xtra tire & tubes).  Fenders    Excellent condition 
Though the trike is with Parky on the left coast, it's comes apart easily and we can get it back East. Replacement about $3500. Open to offers - please contact Larry at Mt Airy Bicycle ( - who will include a fresh warranty and assembly to any local buyer.
Take the "Park" out of Parkinson's
Larry Black and Baltimore councilperson Mary Pat Clarke and friend Christina Coffman...Director of Marketing, Symphony Manor enjoy a ride on the Bilenky Viewpoint tandem on Halloween 2010
Larry and his crew wowed the crowd with trikes, recumbents, scooters, antics on the Penny Farthing HighWheeler, and helped several families get their bikes fitted and adjusted
Mike McQuestion, of Roland Park Civic Association, invited them back for 2011 when they will give clinics on bike fit, helmet fitting, and how to get kids off training wheels

19th Annual "I've Ridden Every Day This Year!" Ride

More photos...

Mt Airy Bicycles Began its 20th anniversary with Largest New Year Ride Ever on Jan 1, 2011.


20th Annual


We now carry the WeeHoo


  Watch the video


Unlike other folding bikes, STRiDA has. . .
a comfortable, upright riding position with superb visibility. the
ability to roll when folded. the smallest footprint of any full-sized gears to worry about. Just pedal and go. the easiest fold. No
need to think about complex sequences. You don’t even need to bend
down. Magnets do all the work for you. a convenient umbrella shape when
folded. a clean, quiet oily chain or gears. Your trousers stay
pristine. a large, distinctive triangular frame as the dominant visual.
one-sided wheel mounting for easy tire and tube changes. a short
wheelbase. In bike mode, it takes up much less space than most bikes.
Pedestrians will thank you. In folded mode, it takes up next to no
space. the ability to prop up vertically. a rack that makes a convenient
stand when folded

In Stock
Call before coming, they sell fast.

Bicycling for shorts trips is good for you and good for the environment. more...

Mt. Airy Bike customers, Brian & Rachel are headed cross-country on their new Easy Racer Gold Rush recumbent bikes. Follow their adventure by
clicking here
uniting a million voices to improve the future of biking


Find a bike route courtesy of Google

Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health E-Zine
Why Sprinting Improves Endurance   more...

We are proud to announce the first 2 wheel recumbent from Catrike, the Catbike Musashi.

Watch the video

Order now and avoid the wait!

Mt. Airy Bikes has just received the new Trek electric bike for demo.
Please stop by for a test ride.


Newest Addition from Burley.
Commuter Trailer.


Mt Airy Bicycles and College Park Bicycles are now official Trek Project One Dealers.
Your custom Project One bike is just a few steps away

Mt. Airy Bikes and College Park Bikes are proud to be the only stores in Central Maryland to offer hitch racks by Draftmaster and roof top racks by Atoc.  Both companies are under the Atoc umbrella and are the only specialty car racks that are still entirely Made In The USA. more...

Catrike Wins Manufacturer Of The Year

The crew at Big Cat HPV in Winter Garden, Florida were recently treated to a visit (and a nice break from their jobs!) by Linda Black.

With her husband Larry, the Black's founded College Park Bicycle in 1979 and Mt Airy Bicycle in 1991.
Because of their long time passion for recumbents and trikes, they carry one of the most comprehensive selections on the planet.
Linda's been recumbent - only for almost 20 years and visited the plant to pick up two new trikes which the Blacks will be using in Florida when they visit their friends, and will be using them when
 they attend the Catrike Rally in 2010
Mt Airy and College Park are authorised  stockists for the (Still!) British-Made Brompton dealers.

Service Scheduling Notice

Please email or phone to schedule any service work or repairs. Because of an usually high demand, we will need to schedule all service work.
Please see "guidelines for better service" - this will save you time and money. If your service is routine and not needed to get you going, we suggest waiting until later in the season when rates are lower. Believe it or not, there are many that are just thinking about digging out their bikes to ride for the first time this year.

Mt Airy Bicycle
College Park Bicycle

College Park Bicycles
30 Years

More Photos taken by Jean Chin

Now in stock
Tandem Riders

You no longer have to choose your vehicle around how to transport your bike!!!
The Long Bike Tote® can be attached to any square hitch receiver- a simple accessory that can be added to almost any vehicle.
Finally, an easy to use rack perfect for transporting your recumbent, tandem, or single bike. Even fits recumbent tandems!
Simple design allows for quick transitions between different bike types without purchasing any additional pieces.

"National Road bike traffic. You never know who you will meet!"
Mt. Airy Bike is strategically located on Route 144, also known as the National Road. We frequently encounter cross-country cyclists from all walks of life. This gentleman is headed back to his home in Jackson Hole WY. His mid-90's Mongoose Rockadile mountain bike has been highly modified to accept his "Over-Size Load".



Copenhagen, Denmark - 'City of Cyclists' Music Video

Mt. Airy Bikes welcomes returning Special Olympics champion.

Thomas Smith was back visiting Mt. Airy Bikes following his successful Gold Medal wins at the Maryland Special Olympics held recently at the Sykesville Police Training Center. Thomas competed in the 5K and 10K bicycle races winning gold in both and bettering his last years times by approximately 1 minute and 2 minutes, respectively. This years course was one kilometer in length and provided some challenging terrain.

Thomas was competing on his Electra Townie bicycle (no, NOT electric) and said it performed like a champ. I think it was Thomas that performed like a champ.

Due to his outstanding performance, Thomas's  coach has recommended he upgrade to a slightly lighter and quicker bike to take him to the next level. Is there a level better than Gold?

Thomas, thanks for being a part of the Mt. Airy Bikes "team" and continued good luck in your training and racing.

Photos and videos from The July 4th parade in Washington, DC

Chesapeake Challenge - Nice Story

We now carry the
EVT Safe Zone Helmet Mirror.

Read more

Wow, the bike for those that want something different, more practical, and affordably priced.
The integration and easy installation of the peripherals and the variety of accessories is a huge bonus.

Available at Mt Airy and College Park Bicycle shops

Light Beams - Mount your lights where you need them
Now in stock

Mt Airy bikes is now the regional dealer for Edge Koosah recumbents

Cycling & Health

Long Awaited Campy History Book in stock at both shops
 75 Years of Campagnolo
"the Ultimate Must-Read and Must-Look Reference for any Self-Respecting Devotee" 
The SuperNuovoHolic Larry Black



Please Ask About Our
Large Assortment of
 and Ready to Ride!
Ages 2-up.
12"-26" wheels
Bike Shop Quality, 
Dime Store Prices
....and remember Boys and Girls,
Moms and Dads....
"Nobody Rides a New Bike"

College Park and Mt. Airy Bicycles are pleased to announce that the sub-1600 gram Topolino AX3.0-T tandem wheelset is in stock and ready to be demoed.
Read a review
Topolino Technology has nearly six years of experience producing some of the most technologically advanced and high performance composite road bike wheelsets in the world.

The AX 3.0-T takes full advantage of Topolino’s proven though-the-hub spoking and bulletproof kelvar / Carbon spokes to maximize stiffness and vastly reduce weight over a traditional steel spoke tandem wheels. At a feathery 1580 grams (per set) the AX3.0-T is quite possibly the lightest tandem wheelset in the world. But lightness, in this case, is not sacrificed for durability. Sets of AX 3.0-Ts were put through their paces during the grueling 2007 Race Across America with nary a failure in sight and are garnering praise from tandem enthusiasts across the United States including acclaimed frame builder Craig Calfee.

We now carry the Handy Handcycle

Handy offers people with disabilities to improve their fitness as well as the opportunities to ride along side their family and friends.
Handy’s modular design, allows it to be packed in a compact box and assembled quickly and easily.
Handy’s unique adjustability allows the changes of wheel base, relative positions of seat to hand pedal.


For what a few sips of bottled water cost (or one designer coffee!!) you can own a safe, tasteless re- re- re-...usable special edition bike123 water bottle and become a member of our exclusive  marketing team.

Think Outside the Bottle


Thank You Dear Followers
We are honored by your voting efforts
Mt Airy Bicycles has been voted the Outstanding Bike Shop
For Region 2 of the League of American Bicyclists
(Maryland, Delaware, DC, PA, NJ, and WV)

The Pedalcoupe stands apart from its competitors with its ergonomic seating, responsive handling and posi-drive rear wheels.  High tech materials have kept the weight to a minimum. The Pedalcoupe combines into one vehicle; the comfort of an office chair, the stability of four wheels, and with it's optional trunk, the functionality of a bicycle pulling a trailer. Electric assist is now available for those people who desire an added boost in performance, or for those with physical limitations.
Test rides are available at Mt Airy


Dynamic chainless Bikes
now on display and ready for a test ride
Quiet, Smooth, Sealed Shaft Drive
City Commuters - Hybrids - Full Suspension MTN
Come in for a Test ride
(MTN model on display at the DC auto Show thru 1/27)
Cyclists: Consider this a guide to upgrading, maintaining, and prolonging the most important component on your bikes
Available in our shops or by mail. $17 paperback $25 Hardcover
Recommended by our shop medical advisor and Master's race team member Dr. David Heydrick, M.D.


This is NOT
 your Father's
A USA-Made 'EX-Works' Masterpiece, using original molds and machinery from the 1948-1953 era. Limited edition. Comes with numbered certificate.
Originally sold for $3000 by a famous New York retail/catalog store. More than a work of art, it's ready to ride and complete with all those great comforts  that have been missing on bikes for a half century! Headlight, Taillight, Brakelight, Plush Double Springer Fork, Electric Push Button Horn in the 'Gas' Tank, and More. The Wide Comfort Saddle allows longer rides. Coaster Brakes ,operated by simply back-pedaling , are easy to operate, and powerful enough to impress the crowd with a fishtail skid as you ask the envious bystanders to "Get a Load of This!" Yes, they'll reminisce and grin as you glide by - this is one Swell bike! Wanna head Off Road? The first mountain bikes over 30 years ago started life as these types of bikes! Wide Whitewall Tires are great on Dirt, Grass, Gravel, and the Beach! Wet roads? No worry with the oversize Bright Plated Fenders, and the  Heavy-Duty Wheels will stand up to that paper route in case you want a second income. A solid investment - it can only appreciate and be treasured for generations as a family heirloom. The Ultimate Gift for Father's or Mother's Day, Graduation, and looks great under a tree - inside for the Holidays or outside in the playground or yard. Come in for a test ride - see how such a simple machine can make such a difference for you and your planet. This is the gift that keeps on giving - It not only benefits the owner with economical recreation and health, it helps the environment, the economy, and our overcrowded transportation situation. Pedals not pictured but ARE included.
Our Special Deal:
Because we're a real bike shop, you can get the bike fully assembled and ready to ride at no extra cost. We include complimentary after care for five years. All for $977.
Can't make it in? We can arrange assembly and delivery in the mid-Atlantic area for a small fee, or can ship the bike in the
special double-wall carton via low-cost Amtrak or truck freight. Sorry, too large for UPS .

* JUST THE tikit *
New Ultra Compact Friday, Same Fabulous Ride
BikeFriday Tikit

Lift, Swish, Click and GO! The /tikit /is ready to ride!
"A convenient solution to an inconvenient truth."
More info

Video 1


Video 2

Shopping with a Tikit

We are the country's newest dealer for  Volae recumbents Just in, the long-awaited KidzTandem from innovator and bike aficionado Chris Brown. Larry helped get Chris started in tandems and business a few years ago This new machine emerged last year. Chris showed up with one in Mt Airy, put it together in the parking lot, and even people without kids started lining up to take it out. Backseat driving has never been more bonding! The View, the Conversation, the low center of gravity, the FUN.! Bring the Kids and come out for a ride soon.

Cycling Events

College Park Bicycles is pleased to announce our involvement with University of Maryland Collegiate Cycling Team.  We are now the primary bike shop sponsor for the team.  Due to arrive soon is the official team jerseys and other apparel.  We are currently taking orders.  Call for details - 301-864-2211  

Photos from TanDemo/BentEvent 2009
Photos from Kensington Parade-Labor Day 9-7-09
Photos: Team Mt Airy at Sunday's Cross Race

Larry Black of the Mt. Airy Bicycle High Wheel Society wows the crowd at the National Independence Day Parade in Washington.

Attention all you adventurers out there!

Watch the video

Photos from the Moonlight Ride - November 2008

Photos from InterBike 2008
More Photos from InterBike 2008

Mt Airy Bicycles wins Award for going Green

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Fitmaster graduates three from our area

Duke and Larry from Mt Airy, and Charles from College Park are among the graduates with high honors from the Fit Kit certification level 1, class of 07.  Now is the time to schedule your professional fitting on your existing bike or your dream ride from us.  Call Mt Airy, 301-831-5151 or College Park, 301-864-221 for an appointment.

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Just in Time for Training Season
 or that Special Someone (even you)
who deserves a great everlasting, everfun, everpractical yet simple machine
Very Famous Maker Track Bike
43 cm size - great for kids, women, and those wanting a nice compact ride.  With cowhorns fits riders near 6' tall!  Light, Strong  Custom-Butted CoMoly Strong, light alloy wheels, 165 mm crankset. Drilled for Brakes, front and rear (like those photo shops, price too low to post.) 5 available as of Dec
Nice Find!
ChroMoly (is steel real for you??)
Light strong affordable
Two brakes and levers included

freewheel included on reversible hub fixed gear on one side with lock ring limited supplies, 51,53,56 or 59cm
Introductory special $577
Frame and fork special $299

Bicycle Jerseys
The Real Thing
High tech fabrics, long zipper, rear pockets
Officially Licensed University Wear
GREAT for GAME DAY! - holds beverages and snacks, phone, camera


More then 50 of the nation's top universities, including Maryland, Georgetown, VA Tech, VA, Penn State.
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Trek Lights 30% off entire display

Headlights from $16.75

Rear from $6.75

Aegis Victory, full carbon bicycle frames.  All AEGIS frames are designed, and handcrafted in Van Buren, Maine.
"this American legend" deserves a test ride!

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Guidelines for faster service.

For the best service....
Contact us to set up an appointment for your repair or maintenance.

Limited Edition Masi 3V Volumetrica
Naturally, we secured a small batch and if you get in on the 'charter', (before they go to friends and families of the Californians). 
We have only a handful left. Please email for the current availability and pricing
Only 25 made, by Ted Kirkbride ( former owner of Masi- handpicked by Faliero Masi) and Russ Denny (local builder who apprenticed at Masi California) and painted by Cyclesmith (who painted the original Masis). The lugs are the ORIGINAL lugs from 20 years ago. The tubing is Dedacciai. The rear dropouts are the compact horizontal HENRY JAMES that Ted personally selected. The rear end has 130 spacing to accommodate a modern drivetrain. The fork is 1" with an uncut, unthreaded steerer tube so the final buyer can either use a threadless headset or have threads cut into the steerer and use a standard headset and quill stem- for the purists
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Wool is (back) In
Choose from two shops (College Park version not pictured yet), long or short sleeve, two color 'ways', or do what the real devotees do - get a variety.
You can sport a different one each day of the week, but that's not necessary, because these are 100% Merino Wool, the no-itch natural fabric that vaporizes those fragrances that the synthetics retain.
Wool's natural insulating and wicking properties make it perfect year 'round.  Major League baseball umpires wear wool under and outer garments to maintain their comfort, judgment and sanity

ntroductory pricing $119 short sleeve, $139 long sleeve- far less than similar garments with more common signatures.
Book your rental now for your next affair or business meeting. OUR VERY OWN Conference Bike is available for your next outing, meeting, or group therapy session Please be sure to book well in advance. We supply the operator, so you have six seats available. Bring your own keg.

hile many shops are run by clowns, we have a unicyclist as well. 

We currently stock dozens of unicycles from 12" to 5 feet high and are expecting a 36-inch model built from an 1880's style wheel.


Men (and Women)- worried about your bike saddle?

We GUARANTEE each saddle with a trial ride - yes, you can try 'em before you decide. We'll take any saddle back after you've tried it in exchange for another, and then again and again if needed. If the seat's not worn or damaged, we'll swap it.

We want you to feel safer and better with your cycling experience.
Bamboo Shooting up in Maryland!!
College Park Bicycles is the proud new farm for the Calfee Bamboo Bike - come in and see what all the buzz is about. Woodwind players will be frisked for 'sharp' 'instruments' at the door. Larry has already considered how many sax reeds one could harvest from the top tube.

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Join Trek Travel for the vacation of a lifetime and experience a new way to travel. With cycling trips for all abilities and mix of activities for all ages, each Trek Travel trip is designed with flexibility and freedom in mind.
Mt Airy Bicycles will give you a $50 gift certificate and a pre-tour tune-up when you sign up for a trip and mention Mt Airy Bicycles.


We carry the entire spectrum of Brompton Folding Bikes

Scooters are in!!

We now carry Xootr Scooters and Folding Bicycle


Dynamic Bicycles

Our newest arrival, a chainless bike.  It uses a shaft drive to move the bicycle.  Maintenance free


We now carry Airnimal folding bikes

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Available on Order
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This is the newest addition to the Calfee stable. The classic long wheelbase recumbent is upgraded with the use of carbon fiber, suspension and an improved steering geometry.  

Rack Dawg 2009
Johnny D at Mt Airy, completed an intensive Yakima product seminar called Rack Dawg 2005.   Customers are invited to call, 301-831-5151 or email, John directly to arrange an appointment for a rack consultation.

Mt. Airy Bikes is dedicated to the safe transport of sporting equipment on their vehicles.

Brompton Porta bikes.  College Park and Mt Airy are two of just 75 dealers in the states. Great for boats, planes, or those into 'Training' discreetly

Mesicek Classics
USA Eastern Distributors


A New Way to Pedal
Crank Forward Bikes from RANS
Available at Mt Airy and College Park

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EX-Works, several years ago made Roadmasters from the original molds and machines from the late 40's, early 50's in the USA. Authentic in every detail. Working lights, Horn, Brake lights! Plush 'knee-action' front shock absorber forks. Numbered, limited edition, with certificate of authenticity. Get yours for $977.


The Bacchetta Aero set a new course record in the Bike Across Florida’s Road Race.  Visit us to see our line of Bacchettas


Electra Townie. The original "feet down" machine. Nothing else compares.


Wear your Alma Mater
More then 50 of the nation's top universities, including Maryland, Georgetown, VA Tech, VA, Penn State.

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 Ellsworth Bicycles




Fitmaster at College Park.  Call for an appointment!


Photos from Past Events

Updated Sept 12th



July 6 2007
Under a bright sunny sky with a mild breeze out of the north, the Mt Airy Bicycles men's tandem team crossed the line for a silver medal in the USA Cycling 2007 National championships.  The event was for the age 110 years combined with Larry Black as captain and Steve  Ruckert as stoker, the team completed the tricky and challenging 24km course in just over 36 minutes. (more...)
Satisfied Customer

I rented a tandem from you this past weekend for the Seagull Century.  My 8-yr-old daughter and I had a blast. Thanks a lot for your help



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