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Garcia enjoying his HP Velotechnik Gekko FX folding trike.


Richard on his new "Terra" Dactyl recumbent trike.  

The comfy, high-seated TerraTrike Rover 

with a custom fitted (by Mt Airy Bicycle) Cargo Monster

extending the back end and featuring a Nuvinci 360 CVT Transmission Hub 

Yes, you CAN take it (ALL) with you, be Comfortable, and have a blast!


October 19, 2012

I just want to thank you for going to battle for me and getting my Fuji repaired.  I rode it all weekend out at Davis, WV and it felt like a new bike!  It was tight and quick and handled so much better now that the back end doesn't feel like it was attached with a string to the front end!  I am hoping it stays this way for awhile.  
Thanks again!


From: Donald
Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Subject: My Fuji
To: larry

I purchased this bicycle from you when I lived there in 1980. It has
many of the original components (Suntour) ,that I have maintained
throughout the years. Still have the College Park Bicycle sticker on
the downtube! Thank you for a wonderful bike!!!
March 5, 2010

John & Cindy Bowie of Hunt Valley, MD with their new DaVinci carbon tandem



Sid Gunst with three Bike Friday travel bikes all boxed and rarin' to go!


January 2, 2010

Molly from Bethesda, MD on her new 2010 Madone Project 1 5.9 featuring the Shimano Ultegra SL grouppo.







November 30, 2009

Hey Larry

Here's one more for your happy customer feedbacks! You can edit it if
you like! Here's a pic of me in the Silver Spring, Montgomery County,
MD, Thanksgiving Day Parade 2009. I took the whole bike apart,
regreased, re-adjusted, replaced some of the parts, and added some
It rode like a dream!

I was surprised that i didn't have a hard time with it, even with my
gigantic shoes, it handled really well, i was even doing no handers
after a couple of minutes, and mind you i just had the bike for a
couple of days. I was expecting to experience back-aches, saddle
sores, aching thighs, knees, calves and ankles after the ride, but it
didn't happen. So much for proper bike fitting and all that hoopla huh?
I was even able to ride the trails (with a regular mountain bike) the
next day without a hitch, by the way i haven't ridden in months.

It was a big hit with the crowd. It beats my kick scooter by a
longshot in terms of paradability, novelty, and shock factor. It drew
a lot of stares, double takes, smiles, amusement, and laughs. A lot of
people took pictures even without me on it. Someone pointed out that i
ran over a nail, i just plucked it out and threw it away, thank god
for them solid rubber wheels huh? I will be adding some more mods
soon. I wanted to re-paint it but i didn't have the time. I'll be
getting a unicycle next. And probably a Penny Farthing. Thanks for the
bike! I had a blast riding it, and will be using it again more (it is
a very effective tool) for promotions and in future parades. Hope i
can ride with you guys in a parade soon!

Attached is a pic of me getting ready for the parade, with some of my
clown friends at the back.

Washington, DC
Mr. Bag-Ends


Jolly was so taken by his experience buying the bike from Larry he
invited  him to Clown School
Larry's answer? "Don't they have enough instructors?"


Hello Larry,

My wife and I want to thank you, Zach and John for all the help in getting us started on a Tandem. We appreciate your knowledge and patience with educating us on what all the choices are, the things to consider, how to ride a tandem, what kind of seat, pedal height, setting up test rides, etc, etc.

We just got back from our test ride on the WMRT and love
the Santana Arriva SE that we purchased from Mt Airy bikes. It works great and we are excited about getting involved with Tandem groups and tours.

We want to endorse the whole team at Mt Airy Bikes and tell all about how much fun we had going through the process.

Bruce & Debby


October 24, 2009

Hase Management.,
I want to pass on what a great job one of your dealers in the United States is doing to promote Hase bikes and give superior customer support.  Larry Black at Mt Airy Bicycles has a lot of knowledge about Hase and seemed to be the only person that could help my wife and me with our 2009 Hase Pino. 
Below is an e-mail that I sent to Larry.
You are my new bicycle hero.  You saved the Pino and my marriage!
The new 155mm cranks in front worked perfectly.  Dee Dee and I now are working in sync, everyone is happy and making the Hase Pino a joy instead of a sore subject.  I only wish that we knew about Mt. Airy Bicycles and Larry Black when we originally bought the bicycle.  You were the only one that had the knowledge to help us with our specific needs for the Pino.  We almost sold the bike, but because of you we are now enjoying long rides with it. 
We did get wider tires (26 and 20 X 1.60) which work much better for us than the 26 and 20 X 1.10 tires that came on the Pino.  The new tires (Schwabe, Marathon Supreme) worked great on a rails to trails ride in Farmville VA and the tires also ride well on the road.  I also got some regular Marathon 1.75 tires that I am also going to try.  Suggesting to change the tires on the original wheels that came on the bike is another thing that I can thank you for.
Hase management should be very appreciative to have Mt. Airy Bicycles doing such a great job representing them!  
Dee Dee and I are looking for a wide tire tandem that we can lend to family members or friends to ride with us.  We plan to come back to visit your shop soon for some test rides.
In the future when I am looking for a tandem or recumbent you will get a call.  If I know anyone that is in the market for one, I  will suggest that they at least get in touch with you before making any decisions.   I will pass on the word that it is worth the trip to Mt. Airy Bicycles, even if it is a 2 to 3 hour drive from home.
Thanks again,

October 17th, 2009

Don Malone from Charlottesville, VA with his Catrike Villager.

October 4, 2009

Dear Larry, John, and Steve,

Just a note so the other "recreational" bikers know your shop is a great resource for them too! I bought my daughter's bike from your
shop, and then a while later I came in looking for a bike for me to try! I came in as an out of shape adult, hardly even remembering how to bike! Larry fixed me up with a new "Partner" bike, and it was a nice, comfortable, and stable bike for me. I hit the C&O Canal tow path very slowly.

I have gotten all kinds of biking gear at your shop because I can ask questions and get help for my skills. I do not even know how many "free" tune ups my family has had at your shop! I just bike the tow path for fun and exercise. I like the wooded path by the river, so beautiful.

I also started kayaking on the Potomac River, next to that same tow path. Mt. Airy Bicycles is also one of my kayak shops! John ordered my Yakima kayak rack for the van (since the Yakima bike rack worked so well…) and he installed it too. Larry and Steve were the only folks I could find to cut down my carbon paddle shaft. No one else would touch it. Steve would cut it down a centimeter on each side and I would duct tape it and give it a go. He cut it down several times for me.

I came in recently and John helped me find that next new bike up a step or two from the first bike I bought. I really am enjoying the Trek Navigator. It rides very well on the trail and can carry all my "stuff". It gets me outside even more. Steve helped me choose a great Vega Light in Motion light! This is so much better than hanging every kind of little light I could find off the handlebars! It is a lot of fun to finish up a ride in the dark, and allows me to get out a bit after work for a quick ride!

Thanks for all your help, experience, creativity, and flexibility. This shop will spend time helping you, even if you are not any kind of elite biker! Here are a few photos of Barb and I (and even our kayaking friends) on some rides! Barb got her bike at your shop too!

Mount Airy, Maryland


September 14, 2009

Hi John,
As requested, here's a photo of me on my Catrike taken last week on Cape Cod. I've only ridden it a few times but it's a great ride! It's also received a lot of comments and double takes. The two best were a rider going in the other direction who asked my sister-in-law when I would be getting a "big boy" bike & from an 8 year old on the back of a tandem with his Dad who yelled so loudly "Wow, did you see that" (as I passed them going about 30 mph) that he nearly caused his father to fall off the bike.  (Turns out no harm done.)

In any case, thanks for the great product & great service!

Wilmington, DE

September 10, 2009

Hi Larry:

Just a quickie report on my spiffy new Co-Motion Pangea. I've now ridden this baby @ 1k miles in the 3 weeks that I've owned it. My impressions so far...

1. HOLY Sh_t! This bike is the ultimate all-rounder. I can cruise, tramp, hump, and bump and it performs fantastic in every respect.

2. Comfort - duh! Fits me like a glove.

3. Eye catching - If I had a nickel for every inquiry, I'd be able to buy another. The paint, group, and set-up attracts lots of attention (and Mt Airy Bikes is where I send 'em).

4. Pride in owning something nobody else does - goes w/o saying.

Bottom line, I could not be happier. No complaints - just lots of dreams of taking off to far away places. I'm now acquiring new panniers (my old Maddens are being replaced, slowly, with Arkels). I look fwd to an epic tour next year (destination - the Balkans).

Thanks again for everything. I love this bike and truely appreciate your help in making it happen, painlessly!


Because of our location on the 'old national Road' which dates back to the stage coach trail from Baltimore to St Louis and points beyond, we get all kinds of travelers.

Steve recently ended a relationship with his lady in North Carolina and decided to go back to Frederick, Md. He stopped in for some new spokes and a couple of tires on the way. He's got a great supply of goodies on the front and a nice collection of interesting magazines in the rear basket. I noticed the EasyRiders chopper magazine (they have attention-getting covers dontcha know) and we started talking HOGS


August 9, 2009

Dear Hase Bikes,

I just wanted to say that the Pino is an incredible bike!  My wife and I rented one from Mt. Airy Bike shop and we had an incredible time on it doing a supported 33mile bike ride in Westminster, MD yesterday. We are definitely thinking of buying one sometime within a year.  Keep up the good work!



August 3, 2008

referral: Bought my touring bicycle from you.

Message: Larry,

I hope you have been well.  FYI - I recently completed a solo ride from Tamarac, FL to Bel Air MD (1588 miles over 23 days).  I used the Cannondale T2000 bicycle I bought from you last year (along with the Sunlite panniers and some other odds and ends).

July 3, 2007

Just wanted to thank Greg and John for excellent service over the past few weeks....Both took lots of time with me, taught me a lot, and made sure my purchase (a Specialized Ruby Comp) was the right fit for me.

Outstanding service the whole way through, and I look forward to visiting you guys again as my cycling hobby blossoms!

Thanks, Jackie


Thanks for the note.
I'll pass the words, but one of the things that makes us perform well is the high level of 'dealer service' we seem to get from customers.
In this world of  'the educated consumer' there's a growing breed of those that need a lot more hand holding, and more that aren't as appreciative.
We look forward to helping you soon.
Remember, 'sales' is derived from the Latin 'to Serve'



May 31, 2007

re: classic bike from Website
from linda in OC, Ca.
Hi Larry,

Well David (the other one interested in the Lotus) knew a good thing when he saw it, however, he was a week too late -- so, I really am lucky, eh?

Sorry for the reply delay. I've taken pictures, however my high school journalism daughter has taken off the camera, so whenever I can pin her down long enough to access the camera, I'll send them.

YES! #2067 finally arrived here today at noon on Tuesday 5/29. You pack very well! I LOVE it! I spent quite a while giving it a good final sprucing up -- got familiar with the quality of this bike. It is a true gem in my book. All the prepping was definitely worth it for the first ride -- it is fantastic for me! I am very impressed with everything -- it is very difficult to believe it is from 1983. I have no doubt it is more than a match as my "reliable wheeled companion". It is so sweet! It is much better than what I thought I was going to end up with -- this is like a dream.

This whole transaction has been fantastic Larry. Thank you to you and your shop! Well, it's time to ride! Yipee!

Truly & Absolutely Linda The Luckiest Lotus Lady : )


After I sent this to some of my friends, I thought I should have included you
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 04:39:17 +0000

Hi guys
I have bought a recumbent. I got a Rans Stratus XP. (www.ransbikes.com) I have had ongoing neck problems. Typically after a week long tour I have to go to a chirapractor to be able to use my neck. About 6 weeks ago I irritated my neck and have not been able to ride. I have pain going down my arm.

2 weeks ago I went to Mt Airy bikes to look at recumbents. I was there for 4 hours and rode 8 different bikes. I probably rode 20 miles that day on their bikes. I went back last week and rode another 20+ miles and narrowed it down. I thought I was going to get a Volae Team which is a "high racer". It is a short wheel base bike with two 26 in wheels. It has a high bottom bracket that is about 33 inches off the ground and about 9 inches higher than your butt.

I went there today expecting to to come home with one. I did an 18 mile test ride and my toes started to fall asleep from the high bottom bracket. I then tried a similar bile with a 26 in rear wheel and a 20 in front wheel, so the height difference is not so much. I still had the same toe problem.

I then decided on the Stratus, which has a lower bottom bracket and is a nice riding , "faster" bent.

I am approaching Sierra to the Sea doing the wrongs things. They always tell you to do lots of training which I have not. And that a tour is not the time to try out new equipment. I will have my bike for a week before I have to ship it to California. So I will only see Ronni, Andrew and Kristin at the beginningg and end of the day.

I have to add how great the people at Larry Black's Mt Airy Bike shop have been. They provided guidance on getting started on recumbents. They set up 8 bikes for me originally to ride. Then they put together one sitting in the back still in a box for me to try. I have probably ridden 75 miles on their bikes. How many other shops would let you do that. Today I was gone for 1 1/2 hours with one of their high end bikes. Beside recumbents they have a huge selection of regular bikes. Even some Italian bikes that Eric does not own.

I do not think I will be doing any part of Bike VA since I am still having neck problems and my recumbent will sitting in the back of a UPS truck.