Folding and Travel Bicycles

Beat the high costs and hassle of traveling with full sized bike boxes and bags! Travel bikes can pay for themselves!  

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Folding Bikes

BIKE FRIDAY - Green Gear Cycling  

Pocket Rocket, New World Tourist & Pocket Llama

Custom made-to-order racing, touring and all-terrain models in full color palettes.  From $1199.  Full ranges of cases and trailers available. 

Air Friday

The revolutionary new travel bike that fits into an airline overhead, backpack, or duffle bag.  Titanium suspension beam assures maximum comfort and stability. Priced from $1899.

Tandem Two'sDay & Family Tandem

Double your traveling pleasure! Priced from only $1399, and thats just over $300 per leg!  Fit riders from 3 to 7 feet in height.

Bike SatRday

That's right- a recumbent that fits in a Samsonite!!  Above- or below- seat steering options are available.  Ride in comfort with rear suspension and 27 speeds. Free lunch if you find a hill that you can't climb!




We now stock CarryMe folding bikes.
Unlike other folding bikes – which, although compact, cannot compete with CarryMe’s tiny size – they will truly become a part of your mobile life. Riding a CarryMe bike is also a great way of enjoying the benefits of exercise in your life and getting to your destination as quickly, or leisurely, as you want to.

Come try one at our Mt Airy store.

Electric Bicycles that make sense...
USA built li-ion powered ebikes




Only 3 left

Please check out our folding 'section' in our  'big list' 
this includes many new, pre-owned, and special opportunities
Below are in addition to the current 'new and more current' availability
Things change frequently, and most  is in our heads anyway

Mt Airy and College Park are authorised stockists for the (Still!) British-Made Brompton dealers.  Come in for a test ride.



It's Here!
The small bike that folds in three seconds and feels like a 'regular' bike  seat, feet, and hands are the same configuration as any bike with large wheels. 5 colors available
Genius Freedom Maker


Xootr Folding Bikes and Scooters.


Airnimal folding bikes

Read a review
Thanks for the inquiry and interest. While we've been representing Dahon for 20 plus years and are one of their leading shops, we have sold very few of that model. As a result, we do not keep one in the shop but are more than happy to order you one to try. If, for any reason, it's not the bike for you, don't worry, We allow generously-long test rides (even up to an overnight in your neighborhood) and will allow your deposit to go toward any other folding bike. currently we represent many companies and between the two shops we have several dozen folders. There are few listed on our website, but we change the bikes more often than the site. In over 30 years of selling folding bikes we've discovered that people usually read too much and test ride too little. Those whom we allow to take these generously long test rides and those that actually 'vote' with their cards and check making purchases, usually choose bikes with 20" wheels. From the outside and to the unfamiliar, these small wonders suffer from an inferiority complex, but in reality we've sold 'triplet' bikes (with three seats!) and small-wheeled bikes to 275lb people. we even have fine bikes with 18", 16", and 12" wheels that work quite well for terrain that does not have huge logs and deep potholes.

That said, we do have some folders and other travel bikes with 24", 26", and 27" wheels available to try at any time

We hope this information is of help and that you have a chance to visit and enjoy a few rides.

Larry Black

DAHON  16" wheels and three speeds from $249.   

MONTAGUE FOLDING  26" wheels, hybrid, racing, or mountain models.  These bicycles are full-sized and fit into their own carry bag or hard suitcase and travel as regular luggage on most airlines.   

Full Size Travel Bikes and Conversions

Ritchey BreakAway Bike   The Break-Away is a conventional size and style, steel road bike that disassembles in minutes and fits neatly inside a 23 x 66 x73.5cm (9x26x29"), travel bag, included with the purchase.

Featuring S & S Torque Couplers You can now have your bike and take it too!  Full size singles and tandems that come apart in minutes and fit in a backpack or hard suitcase.   


CoMotion, Waterford, Bilenky, and Merlin. 


Santana, Bilenky, CoMotion 

OR... custom made from your own single or tandem! Conversions from only $399.  All conversions include precision alignment and tools.  We carry an assortment of cases, bags,  and backpacks that fit these bicycles.  Please enquire about RENTALS with or without an option to buy. 

Bags and Cases for Your Tandem or Single

Travel in style! More convenient and safer than a cardboard box!  Rent one of ours or own your own.  Models from BikePro, PedalPak, and Trico.