Checking In


Hi friends

I just  wanted to share some advice and a valuable resource for you, especially if you are new to riding flat pedals.

First, we've found that it takes about 3-4 rides for the body to get get used to the new foot and body position. But this doesn't mean that it isn't going to be better in the long run.

For example, if I have someone in the gym who is using their lower back to help them deadlift and I correct their body position and how they do it then it will feel weird at first even though it is the better way to do it.

Your body can adapt to sub-optimal conditions and that is what has happened with your current foot and body position.

If you commit to the pedals and the mid-foot position for a few weeks then your body will start to recognize the better movement and position and adapt to it.

You can also use a free course to help you as well.

Ryan Leech - who is one of the most talented all-around riders in the world - has put together a program called The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge.

In it he shares lessons and insights that can help you fast track your progress and skills on flat pedals.

Best of all, it is completely free to sign up for.

Just click this link to learn more and sign up.

Thanks again for your support and be sure to let me know if you have any questions or thoughts you want to share when you get your pedals.

Until next time...

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

Pedaling Innovations