For the selection of Recumbents, the Mt Airy location is for you.
We have a dedicated course with no traffic and a road course with almost none.

Parking, access, and a quiet rural setting ensure your test ride experience will be most favorable

Too far to go for pickup or follow up service?
Don't worry.
Your machine can be delivered to the College Park shop, and in many cases delivered to your home or office.

Follow up service is available at College Park and on all bikes and trikes bought from us, you're guaranteed rush service, most of the time same-day, no matter how busy, though we do suggest emailing or phoning ahead for a scheduled

Please check out our recumbent 'section' in our  'big list' 
this includes many new, pre-owned, and special opportunities
Below are in addition to the current 'new and more current' availability
Things change frequently, and most  is in our heads anyway

What’s The Deal With Crank Forwards?




   Easy Racer





Bike SatRDay


HP Velotechnik

Hase Spezialräder


We carry Cruzbike recumbent bicycles, with front wheel drive

We are the Country's newest dealer  Volae recumbents

Optima Baron in blue

Two fast recumbent specials from Europe

HP Velotechnik Speedmachine in silver

A New Way to Pedal

Crank Forward Bikes from RANS. 

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Longbikes Update

We are proud to have been a Longbikes Tandem and Recumbent dealer since their beginnings almost 10 years ago, and have been one of their leading retailer having been able to help design and refine their great line of bikes.  Longbikes are direct descendants of the legendary Avatar and Ryan Vanguard, giving them a 30 year legacy and advantage of development.

According to founder and president Greg Peek, a long time personal friend of ours and whose home and factory we have visited, "We specialize in underseat steering, and to do it better than anyone else.  Ergonomics is the name of our game. The benefits of Recumbent Seating are unquestionable and the ergonomic benefits of underseat steering take recumbent comfort to the next level"

4 Great Models

Their flagship bike has been refined to a point of near perfection.  Without a doubt the best and nicest Long wheelbase underseat steering bike in the world. The Slipstream enjoys a worldwide customer following and its riders have toured the globe. it can take you anywhere you want to go. 

Now in its second generation, the leading short wheelbase , under seat steering bike made in the USA. Several improvements are in place on the new 'G2'.  Seat and Cranks have been lowered to allow a straight-from-the-pelvis push. For the utmost in adjustability, boom and seat are fully moveable. the incorporation of more standardized bike parts allow the price to stay low while giving a quieter drive train.

TWO is company - Longbikes Tandems!
A direct descendant of the original RYAN Fleetwood/DuPlex tandem limousine the ultimate touring Tandem, the Slipstream of Tandems.  Lowered seats for a smooth, compliant ride and TWO S & S COUPLERS for EASY TRANSPORT AND STOWING.

Their Short wheelbase is in the final stages of redesign and will be announced soon.  The new model will feature a telescoping frame to accommodate smaller stokers and a shorter overall length.


What Is That Crazy Thing?
  Those bikes are called RECUMBENTS, meaning lying down or reclining, which is certainly what recumbent riders are doing while riding!! 
Choosey Customers Choose Mount Airy
At Mt Airy Bicycles we believe that the discriminating customer that chooses to purchase a recumbent should be free to choose the components on their recumbent and not have to settle for the components the manufacturer chooses. Often we can purchase a frame set and upgrade the component group and offer it to the customer at virtually the same price as the standard component group.
  Are you on the waiting list for a new recumbent? We may be able to get it for you sooner. Being the one of largest recumbent dealers in the country we get the hottest recumbents faster than individuals or smaller dealers.
Our Recumbent Line

We have been selling recumbents since 1981, and we ride them ourselves.

New Arrivals...

include the
HP Velotechnik, Hase trikes and Pino.

We are closing out ALL Demos, Displays, Rental returns, and trade ins. 
There is a need to make space, money, and new friends.

SPECIAL! on the Linear Aluminum Mach 3
CALL 1-888-RECUMBENT (orders only)

E-Mail or Call to inquire about trade-in used bents including:
Special Recumbent Products We Carry
Special 16,17,18,20,24,26,700c,and 27" sizes in all pressures and profiles, from pencil-thin racing treads to extra fat knobbies. Tubes in all valve configurations and lengths. Pleas email with needs.

Shorts, Jackets, Jerseys. Front Pocket Jerseys, side pocket shorts and Jerseys.
'Bent logo socks, bandanas, headbands

Zzip, Winwrap, Streamer full coverage and mini bar-topper
New and Used.

ThermaRest Self-inflating seat or back pad. Washable Cover and airtight pillow.
Adjust the lumbar or seat support WHILE you RIDE!

Exclusive aero Bar bag by Inertia.- fits TE, GR, EZ from Sun, and most similar front or behind seat. 5 great colors, shoulder and bar strap kits included.

Racks - mild and wild
Rear and under frame. From the economical to the exotic. Alloy, tubular, famous makes.

PANNIERS and RACK TRUNKS to top them off.

for the difficult-to-fit