College Park Bicycles
7301 Baltimore Avenue
College Park MD 20740


Welcome to
College Park Bicycles &
Mt. Airy Bicycles

Mt Airy Bicycles
4540 Old National Pike
(Rt. 144)
Mt. Airy MD 21771

Hello Fellow Cyclists—

Allow us to introduce or re-introduce ourselves. We are College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Bicycles. We are well known for having most anything cyclists want or need, or even things that might arouse curiosity and might be of little value to anyone. And we have been part of a growing and vibrant local and national cycling scene for a long time.

The Way We Do Business
Our pride lies in product knowledge and the keen ability to make good matches of people to bikes - and we’ve done it about 48,000 times without any high-volume sales. Each “match” is one-on-one, and those people who figure us out and get through some of the “obstacles” keep coming back.

We seldom run sales or advertisements. We are usually so busy that there’s not much more we can handle with the degree of service we like to provide and the customers expect. We offer prices in line with local and national trends and generally work closely with our customers to be competitive with many high volume catalogs as well.

We don’t offer any financing, not even the 90-day same-as-cash, or monthly payment plans.
We do take several credit cards, do long-term layaways, take anything on trade to help offset costs, and can work creatively with those who might not be able meet obligations for what they need. Although we have no dishes to wash, we have several customers who have “worked off their wheels” over the years both in the shop and on several community service projects.

Exclusive Items, Inclusive Attention
While we carry a great variety of mainstream as well as specialty items we accommodate all types of pedalers. Rich or poor, short or tall, big or small, able-bodied or disabled, beginner or professional, upright or laid-back, single or multiple, partnered or partner-free—we love 'em all and have not been beaten to make a match if given the chance.

Many Consider Our Selection to Occasionally Stray ‘Outside of the Box’
Because we have so many different things and types of bikes, often we don’t even know what’s here. Often customers get involved in the search and find other distractions. We’ve been accused of doing this on purpose, “a treasure hunt” as one visitor put it, saying they would be tempted with other things they found.

What we don't have we can usually get, make, or modify to suit. We love the challenges and opportunities of finding the obscure, providing special fits, and fixing and modifying things on which others have given up. AND, we'll be glad to handle any mail order and can ship anything anywhere from an obscure spring for your antique brake to a four-seat bike for a parade on the West Coast.

Getting in Touch
We have no voicemail, music-on-hold, nor answering machine. But we love to communicate. We have an informative, extremely popular website that’s easy-to-remember as '1'2'3'! It's BIKE123.COM and you'll usually get your emails and inquiries answered faster than anyplace on the InfoHighway! Because the shops are often bustling with people, we take care of ‘walk-ins’ before over-the-phone consultations and queries. So, if it's a long or involved issue, try an email. You won't have to worry about the possibility of an interruption on either end, and you may be at work. You can ask or answer at your discretion.

We Really Do Care
While we occasionally appear a little busy to get to everyone, we have some additional personnel this season, and we DO have a few moments each year when there’s more time and the ability to provide even more attention. Come in soon before the season turns in to a monster - which for us is generally sooner than you (and we) might expect. As we like to say, “Be Ready to Ride, Don’t Be Standin’ In Line!”

Larry Black
Founder, College Park and Mt. Airy Bicycles