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Because images and information on current models of the brands for which we are authorized dealers are available in familiar places, those have not been included to make your tour easier.
 Authorized Brands include:
Cannondale - Trek - Felt - Redline - Fuji  - Electra - Independent - Jango - Bike Friday - Co-Motion - Santana - DaHon - Rans - Longbikes - Volae - BigCat - Bacchetta - KHS - TerraTrike - Razor's Edge - Sun - EasyRacers - Worksman - Surly - Waterford - Soma -and many many more
Inquiries regarding listed bikes are via direct email  or use our form:  UsedBikeInquiry 

Because of the volume of requests and small staff,  email is preferred to phone calls. We monitor and promptly answer email throughout the day,  including unusual hours and holidays. 

NOTE: For inquires on the list and gallery, PLEASE follow these GUIDELINES for the best service:
Subject line should have stock number (& names of bikes if room permits).  Include up to 8 bikes in each request, separated, If you have more than 8, send a second note. This solo non-automated operation appreciates the cooperation.

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The ADVANCED search gets you past the initial 200 and closer to your destination. Trying alternative categories could help you discover more possibilities. A tandem recumbent might be in both. A cruiser might be in classic or cruiser. Some triathlon bikes might be in road. Enjoy the visit and remember the guidelines for better results when inquiring.
Searchable bike types:
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Recumbent Road Jr/Womens Tandem Touring Track
Tri/TT/Funny Trike UprightLtwt classic1/3/5/10 Utility/Dutch/Third World
NOTE: Bike type "Road" is not searchable unless you add another criteria, like color, size or name.

Please Visit Often!
Because we're forever acquiring new bikes, excavating, and turning over huge stones, you'll see frequent additions of bikes and frames. Watch for occasional updates and modifications on current and older listings.

Most bikes and frames are for sale. Because we want to keep a variety of bikes and represent a diversity, some of the more unusual and rare pieces are up for trade only - towards your unusual and/.or interesting bikes.
Prices are flexible, and can vary with component changes. Frames can be built up and complete bikes can be fully or partially decomposed of parts.  We will be glad to take your parts and install them to help 'fill in the blanks' for any project.  Other factors in the pricing are Age, Condition, Rarity, Popularity, and Special Features.

Value is relative and because we also have a 'mainstream' bicycle operation, we use 'what's new' for comparison. For example, let's say we have a 1970's Italian road bike with a nice lugged Columbus SL frame in excellent cosmetic and perfectly working mechanical condition with original paint, decals, and parts. Depending upon some of the price determining factors above, it will usually be a nice investment compared to 'what's new'
These days, if you can find a qualified builder with the time, ability, and willingness to make you such a frame, it could cost you more than many of the fully-built classic bikes we offer. Finding the classic tubing, lugs, and fittings is another chapter. Because we have been representing many famous and small-time specialty builders for almost 30 years, we know that even many modern TIG-welded frames can cost just as much, and most are going to come with a 'canned' fork with a geometry that's 'close' and a material and look that might just appear different. 

Refinished bikes and frames: 
Most of our classics are original, the way many collectors and aficionados prefer them. Because we represent many of the top bicycle refinishers and designed and commissioned hundreds of jobs, we know that many paint jobs on the classic and future classic bikes and frames can exceed what we ask for many of our originals.
To most serious collectors, a well-preserved original can have a far greater value than a repaint or a modern-day frame or bike.

Auctions, private parties, and killer deals. There are many great offerings in the auctions, classifieds, and bulletin boards. We've bought a handful ourselves and helped others with consultations. What we offer are bikes and frames that we want you to like, keep, and enjoy.
If you don't get what you expect, don't worry - we will take it back in the same or better condition and give you the full price of the goods, you just take care of the shipping and packing fees. Take a whole week to see how well you get along..

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There are a few Holdsworth Specials left in the 55-59cm range, three colours. Berry, Rose-Silver, and Medium Metallic Blue. The geo is friendly and engineered to accept 700 or 27" wheels, sidepull normal reach with both, and trim mudguards if desired if the tyres are not oversized.

Lively enough to feel like a teammate in sprints and climbs, but compliant enough to give comfortable support for you and your gear from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Because of their mudguard acceptance and Campag horizontal 1010B tips, conversion to a straight-kicker (fixed Gear, track, one-upper) is one of the more popular options for this machine.

There are some discreet bits to allow for racking, a water-bottle cage, and cabling. Lugs feature heart shaped cut-outs which are detailed in an enamel accent colour.

Compared to similar lugged neo classics and today's lugged frames (that do not have the historical context nor as much Classic acceptability) these frames are valued in the $1000-plus area.  As we head into 2009, we are taking the few remaining ones out of the closet as they officially become of age, 21 years and 'legal'.  We have a few left and are offering them from $700-$750 depending upon size, colour, and cosmetics. In today's market, a professional refinishing with decals can cost that much, not to mention that most serious collectors and aficionados agree that a preserved original has greater value than a respray anyway.

Path racer, three speeder, fixed or single, road or crit racer (some race race the less twitchy road geo when the pavement is rough like on the old 'National Crash Open in DC) or (egad) 30-speed road or touring machine, since the compliant yet responsive 126mm 531 will easily take a 130 wheel as it will a 120 without permanent realignment. We will gladly, however, align the frames for 110, 120, or even 135 for no charge.

The frames are all original new old stock, and some are in the original carton from Britain.

Please contact us with your size and colour prefs to see what we have available.

Professional The Professional is pearl white, 55cm, and $750.It's extremely light and features the very rare 531 SL tubeset and an aluminum fork in black and alloy headset.



MISTRAL Frameset  ( no photo )
There's also a large 'Mistral', 61 seat tube, 57 top tube, in deep crimson, with a stretch wheelbase.$875.